Utilizing of Multidisciplinary Research for Workplace and Societal Improvement

May 10-12, 2021
Zoom Teleconferencing.

The International Association of Multidisciplinary Research, Inc. (IAMRI, Inc.) is inviting you to join the Asian Conference on Multidisciplinary Research (ACMR 2021) with the theme: “Utilizing of Multidisciplinary Research for Workplace and Societal Improvement” on May 10-12, 2021 via Zoom Teleconferencing.

The objectives are:
(1) to provide a forum for research findings from the international community,
(2) to create venues for publication of new researches, and
(3) to establish partnership and collaboration across researchers in a global context.


Education Social Science
Agricultural Research
Business and Management
Graft and Corruption
Science and Technology
Health Science
Philosophy and Religion
Action Research
Inter and Multidisciplinary Studies, among others.

Submit a 200 to 210-words abstract (with a list of references in Microsoft Word) with five parts: (1) introduction of the topic; (2) chief purpose; (3) methods; (4) results; and (5) conclusion with keywords having four parts: (1) discipline of the study; (2) concepts investigated; (3) methods and process, (4) geography (country/continent). It must be accompanied by updated curriculum vitae (for awards purposes), 2x2 photo, ORCID number from orcid.org, name of institution, and institution logo, and Orcid from https://orcid.org/register.

To register, please click here. The deadline for submission of confirmation will be on May 3, 2021 (Monday). For more details, please contact us at 0917-703-9331.

Early submissions of abstracts are greatly appreciated.

Conference Fees:

Presentation Rate: (Senior High School) - 1,500.00 php
Presentation Rate: (College Students) - 2,000.00 php
Presentation Rate: (Graduate Students) - 2,500.00 php
Presentation Rate: (Professionals) - 3,000.00 php
Presentation Rate: (Foreign National) - 100 USD
Observer Rate: 1,500.00 PHP
Extra Paper Presentation Rate: 1,000.00 php