The International Association of Multidisciplinary Research, Inc., is a scientific and professional body with institutional, and individual members all over the country. Our vision is to be the leading professional, scientific and multidisciplinary research organization here and abroad. One of our commitments is to train member researchers towards achieving refereed, online, indexed, cited, and awarded research publications and assist journal publication to members and non-members in implementing quality assurance systems for greater acceptance by accrediting bodies and indexing companies.

Benefits and duties of IAMRI Institutional Membership


1. To align institutional research and publication standards with international standards advocated by IAMRI; and
2. To support IAMRI's programs and projects by renewing membership, sending participants, joining the contest, hosting events, and contribute expert manpower.


1. Receive assistance for the development of research and publication terms of guidance from an expert, local and foreign linkages;
2. Receive awards and recognition for meritorious achievements in research and publication; and
3. Priority assistance in meeting quality assurance requirements for research and publication for accreditation, ISO certification, among others.

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